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We help our clients by assessing their security posture, advising them based on their security needs and objectives, and helping them in the worst of scenarios by responding to a breach.



Identify where your security program needs improvement by safely assessing it from the perspective of an adversary.

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Expert cybersecurity consultation approached pragmatically.

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Stop the bleeding.  Organized methodical management, investigation, and recovery from a security incident.

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Cursive Security - Information security assessment, advisory, and response services.

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Cybercriminals are constantly advancing and bringing their most innovative attacks to the frontline.

Assume nothing… and put your best defense forward.

Threat Landscape

Security insights, innovation, and awareness.

NYS DFS Cyber Regulations

DFS Regulations Allow for Third-Party CISO

On March 1, 2017, the New York State Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) Cybersecurity Regulations (the

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Wikileaks Vault 7 CIA Espionage Tools

Wikileaks Vault 7 CIA Espionage Tools

The worldwide media has widely reported on the loss of the CIA cyber arsenal to WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks calls this tro

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Mirai Botnet

Is the Mirai Bot a Sign of The Times or Things to Come?

On 21, October 2016, arguably the most significant Internet cyber attack in history occurred. Big sites like Twitte

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Shodan IoT Search Engine

Shodan: The Hacker’s Device Search Engine

There is a new tool on the internet that is nothing short of incredible: Shodan. It can be charact

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Understanding Buffer Overflows

Understanding Buffer Overflow and Shellcode Exploits

In the official biography of Bill Gates, Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder, tells of flying into an airport with

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NSA Analysis Grizzly Steppe

Grizzly Steppe: NSA Analysis of Russian Attack on the Democratic Party and Clinton Campaign

Here we discuss the December 29 NSA technical analysis JAR (Joint Analysis Report) of the Russian attack on the US

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