About Cursive Security

Cybercriminals are constantly advancing and bringing their most innovative attacks to the frontline.

Assume nothing…

and put your best defense forward.

Cursive Security provides intelligence-driven cybersecurity services. We analyze the tactics, techniques, and procedures of cyber adversaries and prioritize objectives based on actionable intelligence. We succeed by tackling security as a strategic process that requires continuous adaptation and advancement.


This approach empowers enterprises by developing and operationalizing security programs that measurably improve security posture, mitigate risk, and by building a defensive architecture.


Measurably Improve


Actionable Intelligence


Mitigate Risk


Continuous Adaptation

Why Cursive?

At Cursive Security, we have plenty of passion in the bank, but it requires more than passion to ensure that you are successful. We bring the expertise, innovation, and all of that passion with us on every engagement so that we can make your security objectives a realization.

We don’t use the industry fear factor to pressure our clients. Our approach is pragmatic and focused on YOUR needs and objectives.

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Are you ready to take the necessary strides to improve the security of your organization? Cursive Security will help you identify and achieve those goals, help you recover from an incident, and assess your security posture. Where do you stand today?

Assume nothing…

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Your expectations matter. Improving your security posture should be measured by the success and quality of the services provided. Our commitment to meeting those expectations is something we pride ourselves on and take seriously, and that is why we confidently offer our clients a satisfaction guarantee. The guarantee is simple…


We at Cursive Security guarantee complete client satisfaction. The client has the option to waive the professional fees or consent to an amount they see acceptable based on their level of satisfaction with the services provided.

That’s it. Our job is to help mitigate risk. Not to increase it.

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