Incident Response

Stop the bleeding. Organized and methodical management, investigation, and recovery from a security incident.

Handling a security incident is overwhelming…

for every organization.  It is probably not something that you are challenged with every single day.  Don’t go it alone.


Cursive Security - Incident Response

Incident Response

Cursive Security will strategize the appropriate measures to contain and recover from the breach to ensure your business is operating as soon as possible and with the threat eradicated from your environment.

Every case is handled with confidentiality, constant communication, and transparency.

Key benefits


Dedicated experts manage the entire response lifecycle to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that your business operations are restored efficiently and with confidence that the threat has been eradicated.


Aside from expertise, the success of responding to an incident is based on constant communication. Cursive will keep you informed every step of the way.


24/7/365. There are no alternatives. The incident doesn’t stop at 5pm.  We don’t stop either.


Non-disclosure means strict confidentiality and the incident is handled with discretion. Cursive Security takes this seriously.

Threat Hunting

Proactively seek out the hidden threats within your network without depending on notification from your internal security controls or from external sources.

No network is impenetrable

… and not every threat leaves evidence or indicators of their presence.  Threat hunting is a proactive campaign to seek out malicious activity within your network environment.  Instead of waiting for an alarm to trip, threat hunting seeks out the attackers that have managed to covertly infiltrate and stealthily maintain a foothold in your network.



Cursive Security - Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting

In its own right, threat hunting is very much so an intelligent-led exercise where threat intelligence data is analyzed and the goals of the hunting campaign, or “hunt”, are hypothesized on the basis of that data.

Not every organization has the tools in place to develop a hunting program or conduct a hunt.  Cursive augments this capability by providing the tools and expertise to mature your security program to actively identify, contain, and eradicate a threat from your environment before more damage is done.

Why threat hunting?

Be Proactive

Proactive security means you are not a sitting duck waiting for lightning to strike. Catch the adversary’s tools, tactics, and procedures that your security infrastructure does not detect.

Enhanced Capabilities

Threat hunting is not just a matter of choosing and interrogating systems at random. Cursive will establish a platform that will facilitate proactive security and continuous improvement.


Visibility is everything when it comes to detection. Hunting exercises help improve operational visibility into your environment.


Knowing is not half the battle, because detection is not an option. Some attackers know how to undermine the tools you have in place. Cursive Security will find them.

What's lurking in your network?
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