Managed Security

Data is everywhere.  Your security controls are generating alerts, you are collecting logs, capturing network traffic, and you are trying to keep up with the latest intelligence from your threat feed, but which of it is actionable?  If you cannot answer that, then you are getting lost in the data.

It may seem hard now, but it doesn’t have to be…

Cursive Security’s experts will help reduce the noise.  Our intelligence-driven network security monitoring and perimeter management services will allow you to focus on the day to day by providing you with around the clock expertise.


Cursive Security - Managed Security Services Network Monitoring

Threat Intelligence – Make sense of threat management by applying relevant and focused intelligence to your data so that it becomes actionable.

SIEM Management and Log Analysis – Dedicated SOC analysts make sense of your data.

Perimeter Management – Expertise to configure, maintain, and manage your firewalls, intrusion detection systems, VPN’s, and mail gateways.


Vulnerability Management – Proactively scan your environment to detect, triage, and classify vulnerabilities.

Security staffing can be challenging and expensive, but not with us.  Cursive Security provides expert managed security that is cost effective.


Cost Effective

It goes without saying that expertise is expensive. It is impossible to know everything and not every organization has the resources to staff 24/7/365.  Cursive Security will provide the expertise at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.


Cyber criminals do not work 9 to 5 and neither do we. Cursive Security will actively monitor and assess as events occur.

Be Assured

Be assured that you have a dedicate security team working to protect your data and your network. Cursive will augment your security program and provide you with the capabilities that you need, but may not have the resources for internally.

Be Aware

There is nothing worse than paying for something and not knowing what you are getting. Cursive Security reports on metrics that provide insight into the effectiveness of your program and trends that demonstrate your improvement over time.


Next Steps

If you don’t have the resources available to make your security objectives a realization, contact us. We will help identify your needs and work with you to establish a program that will meet those objectives.