Security Training

Education is key. If your staff does not understand the threats then your greatest asset will quickly become your greatest weakness. Your investment in training makes an impact when users are able to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks.

User Awareness

Did you know that social engineering is one of the most common attack vectors that attackers commonly use? Think about it. Your staff casts a wide surface. They are often the weakest link, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Cursive Security provides user awareness training that goes beyond phishing. Staff will be educated on the threats that affect them at the office and in their personal lives, because if we can help them grow to become more secure, then your organization is more secure.

Cursive Security - Security Training

Security Readiness – Plans are great, but are ineffective if never tested.  Training your staff on how to respond to security incidents is the only assurance that your plan will work.

Cursive Security will review your security practices and develop a curriculum that will engage, challenge, and educate your staff on how to effectively handle security incidents.



We understand that not everyone is a visual learner, and to keep the audience engaged, they must be kept involved. Cursive Security’s training programs integrate activities throughout the sessions to ensure that your staff is not only involved in the exercise, but that they fully understand the learning objectives.


Recorded training sessions are great, but what happens when you have a question? Sure, there might be a forum, but if you do not get answers in real-time, you will end up lost in the material. Our sessions are in-person and our instructors provide an open forum for participants so that they can comfortably learn the material and get their questions answered.

Expert Instructors

Cursive’s instructors are also practitioners. They literally practice what they preach and provide concrete examples, exercises, and provide relevant context based on their own experiences throughout their training sessions.

Measurable Results

Training efficacy must be measurable. Otherwise, it provides little value.  Prior to delivering instruction, Cursive’s instructors will establish a learning baseline.  Following training, attendees are put to the test.  Whether it be phishing exercises or response readiness, you will have measurable results that demonstrate security growth and development.

Education is your best defense.

Get your staff up to speed and provide them with the tools to become your best defense.  Give us a call or fill out the form below and let us explain how we can help you promote a culture of security through training and education.