Cybersecurity Consultation

Expert cybersecurity consultation approached pragmatically.

Information security doesn’t have to be difficult…

and that may seem impossible with the overwhelming amount of information that is published every single day.  Like anything else, there is a lot of noise.


Cursive Security - Information Security Consultants

Cyber Security Consultation

Cursive Security’s advisory services are focused and pragmatic.  What does this mean?  It means that we focus on your needs and objectives, and not the hype of the moment.  We have the expertise to reduce the noise, extract, and leverage value from the overload of information that makes the task of securing your business complicated.

Our consultants have helped organizations build security programs that are strong and adaptive.  Cursive’s security experts don’t augment staff… we lead.  Whether it is designing a secure architecture, implementation, or analysis, you will be confident that the advice and attention your initiative gets from our security experts is absolutely what you need to meet your security objectives.

Key Benefits


There are so many niches it is impossible to keep up. Cursive Security has the resources to ensure that you get focused expertise and not generalist assumptions.

Cost effective

There is no on the job learning. Cursive Security works closely with you to efficiently understand your needs and produce measurable results.


You will never ask yourself, “where are we at now?” while working with Cursive. Constant communication is maintained throughout the duration of our engagement.


Don’t go it alone. Be assured that your questions do not go unanswered. You can contact us any time with the confidence that you will receive the best possible solution.

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