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By: Susan Morrow, April 10, 2017 (08:31 AM)

Will the IoT Ring the Death Knell for Privacy?

Forget space travel to Mars, human beings are building their own brave new world in cyberspace in the form of the ultimate in connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT). Internet-connected devices are touching pretty much every aspect of our lives. As consumers, we are embracing health wearables lik...

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By: Susan Morrow, March 14, 2017 (07:35 AM)

Is the Mirai Bot a Sign of The Times or Things to Come?

On 21, October 2016, arguably the most significant Internet cyber attack in history occurred. Big sites like Twitter and Netflix suddenly weren’t working. Dyn, who handle DNS routing for some of the world's best-known Internet companies, had been attack...

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