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By: Daniel Marvin, March 16, 2017 (06:27 AM)

DFS Regulations Allow for Third-Party CISO

On March 1, 2017, the New York State Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) Cybersecurity Regulations (the “Regulations”) took effect. The Regulations, which are the first of their kind in the nation, require banks, insurance companies, mortgage brokers, lenders, and other institutions reg...

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By: James Taliento, March 07, 2017 (08:55 AM)

K-12 Schools: An Easy and Lucrative Target for Cybercriminals

Cybercriminals are viewed as apex predators of internet, and like an avid hunter, their unlucky victim will be the one member of the herd that has fallen the furthest behind. Where other industries have made strides at improving their security posture, K-12 schools in the US have yet to catch on. ...

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