By: Jillian Stella, December 22, 2017 (08:45 AM)

Putin and Jong Un: The Conglomerate from Hell

Russia and North Korea have been meddling in overseas governments, companies and individuals through cyber-attacks.

Hence, everyone and their Mother is keeping North Korea at arm’s length and sanctioning them for their wrong-doings.

But Russia is keeping the conversation going and has even gifted well-deserving Kim Jong Un’s communist country with internet access.

I know what you’re thinking – what vindictive agenda is Putin planning now?

And hopefully this illegal cyber-engagement won’t be run by his personal chef.

Certainly, the Russian present poses a great threat for North Korean and Russian attacks.

Like North Korea, Russia has been secluded owed to its recent destructive behaviors and the country sees a great happening with North Korea.

Among minimal sweat on its part, Russia can unite North Korea with its international troublemaking plans.

A plan of which would require the United States and its allies to regress from cybersecurity funds and focus more on foreign affairs.

Financing the country with more bandwidth will permit North Korean hackers to send bank-targeted attacks.

All the while Russia can sit back on its throne and await disaster in pure tranquility.

Essentially, the plan is Putin’s way of saying “hey Kim, we’re both doing poorly with foreign affairs and being sanctioned, we’ll be much more powerful working together against the world.”

And it’s unlikely that North Korea will turn this promising proposal away.

*Cue image of Putin sipping on his tea*

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