By: Jillian Stella, December 01, 2017 (12:56 PM)

NSA: The National Sharing Agency

The National Security Agency (NSA) is an American intelligence organization held at the national level that captivates and is meant to conceal information on everyone and everything.

But how ironic is it that our nation’s agency for secrecy is notorious for facing the most leaks to the public?

The NSA or should we say the National Sharing Agency, has yet again found itself exposed.

Promptly, 100 gigabytes of an Army intelligence image were leaked through the NSA’s public Amazon Web Service storage server.

Why yes, the Red Disk image was kept on a public Amazon Web Service storage server, lacking a password, and ready for installation at any given moment.

The $93 million dollar cloud system known as Red Disk contains information on the Pentagon program regarding deployment of troops to Afghanistan along with terrorist and adversary video satellites uncovered through the use of drones.

Its main purpose serves in collecting intelligence from various different sources including surveillance, drones, audio databases and signal intelligence.

And it may enclose instructions for targeting a person to kill.

No big deal or anything.

Realistically, it is a big deal when you can find such information by navigating through your own browser.

It has been said that while there’s no password limitation to access the cloud system, it is impossible to retrieve most of the data unless you are on the Pentagon’s network (which isn’t necessarily impossible to do).

Instead, you (as the hacker) can get a glimpse of what’s in that bad boy through the publicly-listed files.

And if you do manage to break into the disk image, you can also view files on the Department of Defense’s battlefield-intelligence system as well as the NSA’s disk drive that traffics private information.

All’s good and well, though.

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