By: Jillian Stella, December 27, 2017 (07:52 AM)

Not Another U2 Malfunction

Are you a die-hard Mr. Robot fan? Are you looking to download a real-life virus and “further your immersion into the Mr. Robot universe?”

If you’ve answered yes to any of the following then Mozilla Firefox has just what you need!

And considerately, they’ve already installed it to your browser by default.

No kidding – such terms were precisely how the internet browser advertised a collaborated Mr. Robot Alternate Reality Game (ARG) extension.

In hindsight, Mozilla Firefox created a security themed browser to express a Mr. Robot principal that “nothing is private and you can’t trust anyone.”

Although their message is true and good, it triggered some confusion and concerns across Firefox users.

Especially because the game was spontaneously installed without any action – as a hacker would.

And perhaps the concerns are related to the fact that the Looking Glass 1.0.3 extension has a description that reads “MY REALITY IS JUST DIFFERENT THAN YOURS.”

Firefox’s Chief Marketing Officer explains that they’ve “learned a good deal in the last 24 hours … Although we always have the best intentions, not everything that we try works as we want.”

So, is Firefox trying to raise little cybersecurity professionals?

It’s no one’s place to say if this co-promotion of an internet browser and a TV show was a success, but it is to say that it was definitely detected.

And intrusion detection is quite a vital step in cyber threat analysis.

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