By: Jillian Stella, September 28, 2017 (12:54 PM)

The Bane of Kaspersky

Kaspersky Anti-Virus, also known as AntiViral Toolkit Pro, is a software that was created by Eugene Kaspersky, a Russian cybersecurity expert.

Hold on. Anti-Virus software and Russia – in one sentence?

Such combined terms may have raised your eyebrows, just as it had for the guys running the U.S. government following the software’s adoption within the states.

Lo and behold, on September 18th 2017, Kaspersky Anti-Virus was banned from United States agencies and you can bet your sorry butt that any organization seeking business with the government is discarding the Russian Anti-Virus software as well.

The decision to ban Kaspersky was a result of our government’s ongoing uncertainties of Russian tampering with the presidential election.

It may also have something to do with discovering that Russian spying services hacked their way into political entities such as the computer networks of the Democratic National Committee and disclosed very destructive information.

And it may be because a US hearing was held with Kaspersky’s CEO, where he had stated that the concerns of his company spying on US government entities was “total BS” and just “unfounded conspiracy theories”.

Ahh, rather charming ways to represent your company, Eugene.

To Eugene’s displeasure, emails were found confirming that the Kaspersky Lab had been working with Russian intelligence.

Kaspersky Labs had assisted the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in creating security technology and in turn, asked for it to remain private.

In plain English, the chief legal officer of Kaspersky Labs had been secretly working with the Russian CIA.


So, what you’re telling me, U.S. government, is that an Anti-Virus software – whose purpose is to protect me from the bad guys, has now become the bane of my existence, so much so that it is being used for Russian spying endeavors?

Well, yes and no.

The U.S. has prohibited its use within government entities while it has sent out a security advisory to everyone else – which will most likely result in private businesses to lee away as well (as they should).

Our government is merely concerned (as they should be) that our friendly, cyber-allies in Russia are spying on our authoritative doings since they created the software and are communicating with their own intelligence agency, after all.

Kaspersky’s originators can see exactly who’s using the software, what files they are using, tune into mics, and get some webcam action.

Essentially, Anti-Virus software’s have access to the users’ entire system.

And this Russian software presents a vulnerability adequate enough to send any cybersecurity expert or anyone overseeing a nation in the opposing direction.

Ultimately, Anti-Viruses are selected sagaciously for those needing top-notch security. Hence, Kaspersky Anti-Virus software has received the American boot and may have become the most Virus-Prone, Anti-Virus software of our time -thanks to Russia.

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